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OBGC Travel Baseball

OBGC has one of the most successful travel baseball programs in the state of Maryland.  We offer a variety of opportunities for players in age groups U8 through U14.  Our teams are highly competitive and successful locally, regionally and in some cases nationally.     

If you have any questions at all concerning travel baseball, please contact Al Bidwick (Travel Baseball Commissioner) at or by phone 301-924-6480 x250.


Seasons/Practices:  Travel teams generally practice twice per week and play games in season on no less than two days per week (generally a weekday and a weekend day).  In most cases games are played within a 30-45 minute travel distance from Olney.  The younger age groups play a large majority of their games at Olney Manor Regional Park.  Travel baseball is extremely competitive and there is no guaranteed playing time. However, most coaches make every effort to play all of the players on their roster in each and every game.  All-Star players play house baseball twice per week (Monday –Saturday) and come together as a team to compete in travel ball on Sundays. 

Game and Practice locations:  Travel baseball players play their games principally at Regional Baseball Fields and Parks throughout Montgomery County.  Travel teams may also play some small number of their games at OBGC’s Community Park. Teams competing in the MMTA play home games in Olney or, if away, at the host team’s field (generally within a 30-45 driving distance from Olney).  Practices are held at local ball fields in the Olney area.

Coaches:  Our travel program is built on our ability to teach our children and we are always looking for exceptional baseball coaches at the youngest age group (U8).  All head and assistant coaches are required to pass a background check, attend a mandatory baseball clinic that is hosted by our OBGC Baseball program and attend NYSCA training in order for them to qualify for the Club’s liability coverage. Travel players receive exceptional coaching and training.

Playoffs/Tournaments:  Post-season playoff play is based on the individual teams’ regular season performance/record and is not guaranteed.  Our travel teams play in various invitational/pay to play tournaments at the discretion of the individual team coach/manager.  Most tournaments are played pre-season, Memorial Day and at the completion of the spring season/league playoffs (i.e. throughout the summer).

Fall 2015 Travel Baseball Registration Fees


8u Pirates (TBD) $200
9u Pirates (Chatterton) $245
9u Buccaneers (TBD) $245
10u Pirates (Berger) $245
10u Buccaneers (Crickey) $245
11u Pirates (Maxwell) $260
11u Buccaneers (Gould) $260
11u All-Stars (Gallagher) $260
12u Pirates (Ervin) $260
12u Buccaneers (Raker) $260
12u All-Stars (Little) $260
13u Pirates (Prudenti) $275
13u Buccaneers (Stewart) $275
13u All-Stars (Smith) $275
14u Pirates (Goodwin) $275
14u Buccaneers (Andre) $275
14u All-Stars (Sahady) $275
Registration Deadline: August 23, 2015

Contact Information:  If you have any additional questions about the SPORT itself, please contact us at

Travel Baseball Commissioner: Al Bidwick, E-Mail: or

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