OBGC Tackle Football

Tackle info:

- Practice begins Monday, August 3rd
- Equipment handout Saturday, August 1st
- Age group:  7-14 years old (under 135lb) - cannot turn 14 before August 1, 2015

Age/Weight Matrix for Mid Maryland Football for 2015

OBGC is joining the Pit Bull division for 5-6 year olds (must turn 5 and be no older than 6 by 7/31/15).  This is the youngest tackle football division in the Mid-Maryland league.  The restriction is that players over 75lbs cannot advance the ball.

Division Age Max Unrestricted Weight Older But Lighter Red Stripe Players
Pit Bull 5-6 years old N/A N/A Over 75 lbs cannot advance ball. No other restrictions
6-8 6-8 years old 85 lbs N/A Max 94 lbs
7-9 7-9 years old 100 lbs 10 years old - max 75 lbs Max 110 lbs
8-10 8-10 years old 110 lbs 11 years old - max 85 lbs Max 122 lbs
9-11 9-11 years old 125 lbs 12 years old - max 100 lbs Max 140 lbs
10-12 10-12 years old 140 lbs 13 years old - max 115 lbs Max 150 lbs
11-13 11-13 years old 160 lbs 14 years old - max 135 lbs Unlimited


Tackle Football practice will begin at 6pm Monday August 3rd at Farquhar Middle School. Please be prompt, wearing t-shirt, shorts, football cleats and mouthpiece. Remember to bring plenty of water! Summer practices are extremely important and essential to your child’s development in the program. They need to be there, practices are typically 4-5 days a week, once school begins practices are cut back to 2 -3 nights per week. Games are played on Saturdays at OBGC Freeman Field, or the opponent’s field as determined by the schedule.


All teams have a Head Coach, several assistant coaches and a Team Administrator. While they are volunteers, all coaches are required to attend NYSCA training programs (available thru the club on-line), submit to a background check and keep abreast of age and sport specific coaching techniques. If you are interested in coaching football for OBGC, please send an e-mail to football@obgc.com stating the age group you would like to coach and your qualifications.  You MUST register as a volunteer coach into the OBGC database.


Uniforms, pads, helmets and one (1) mouthpiece are provided by OBGC. Players are required to wear an athletic supporter/cup and have approved non-metal tipped football cleats. There is $100, refundable equipment deposit due at the time equipment is issued. There are no exceptions!


OBGC must provide one Age Group Coordinator for the football season.

The Age Group Coordinator (AGC) will be responsible for collecting and reporting scores to the league for a specific age group assigned to OBGC by the Mid Maryland conference.  The AGC will also need to report any issues that occurred during the games for the age group and league. The AGC will not be required to impose any discipline to the clubs involved in any issues, and does not need to attend any of the games as all reports will be sent via email. There is a mandatory meeting in late August where all the AGCs attend to go over the upcoming season and get their age group assignment.


  • MVA issued identification card – obtained with a certified birth certificate and Social Security Card through any MVA office(including MVA Express). These are required at the official weigh-in and at each game.
  • Medical form – may use the following form. Medical Form
  • Physical must be valid as of 1/1/15
  • Parent & Player Code of Conduct Form – Form handed out by team.  Must be signed for the child to participate. There is a Zero-Tolerance Policy in effect for any violations of the Code of Conduct on the part of any parent or player.

All required forms must be brought to the field on the first day of practice to ensure your child is eligible to participate in the football program. Please plan ahead of time to arrange to have your ID and physical prior to July 28. It is sometimes difficult to get these during the summer!

The medical form can be downloaded at www.obgc.com.  Click on Sports, then click on Football, then click on the appropriate form to download.

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