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Welcome to OBGC’s registration system!  We have spent a number of months updating our web site and online sports registration system so we can provide our members with more information about the Club and improve communication. 

The online registration system collects more information, allowing us to organize teams quicker and more efficiently, while providing you with additional information about what our programs offer so you can make a more informed decision on what is right for your child.  Many parents ask about repeatedly having to enter their child’s information into the system year after year and is there anything we can do.  Our technology answer is to request 4 memorable digits for each child to use as a database tracking number so with future registration the system will be able to pull back already known information into the next registration.  The system will now ask for the last 4 digits of a players SSN to use as those memorable digits but most any unique 4 digits will be acceptable including something easily remembered as the last 4 digits of your home phone number.  Nothing will change in the database and those digits will only be used to pull back information on a future registration for parental review.  There is no difference in fees or player status between a New Player registration or a Returning Player registration.

Please remember there is a major change that affects many of our members:  ALL OBGC coaches and assistant coaches need to register for a background check through our KidSafe/Adult Registration program.  Use the Volunteer Registration link on the top left of this page.

Also, our Volunteer Registration (Dime or Time) is in place.  We appreciate all our volunteers and want to make sure you get credit for your work.


All families are assessed the Annual Family Membership fee of $60 once per sport year per family (not per child).  If Spring is the first time you register and pay the membership fee, the fee will be good up until Spring registration of the following year.  The membership fee is not charged to non-members for summer baseball or summer camps.

All families are part of the OBGC Time or Dime Program and are expected to either volunteer 5 hours over the course of the registered year (spring, summer, fall, winter) or pay the $60 opt-out fee to cover the year.  This volunteer program is based on the date from when you last registered as a volunteer or paid the volunteer optout fee. For example if you registered as a volunteer in September 2012, you must volunteer the 5 hours before September 2013. If you do not complete the volunteer hours during your one year, you will need to pay the opt-out fee before you will be able to register again.

Important note to volunteers, if you choose to volunteer for the club and DO NOT SHOW UP (without notification) for your scheduled shift, we will charge you the normal $60 volunteer “opt-out” fee, plus an additional $60 “no show” penalty fee to cover the costs of covering your shift.

The $20 facility maintenance fee is assessed on each registration to offset the cost of upkeep and rental on fields or the cost of gym rental.

Sponsorship Fee for House Teams:  $300  (Spring, Fall & Winter seasons only)


Carpool policies can be found on our website under "About the Club & Park Policies"


FALL 2015


Registration On-Time Deadline Schedule
House Baseball August 23, 2015

$85 Shetland/TBall
$100 Other Programs

Travel Baseball August 23, 2015 varies by team
Field Hockey (Clinic) August 22, 2015 $65
Field Hockey (House) August 22, 2015
Football (Pit Bull) August 3, 2015 $195
Football (Tackle) August 3, 2015 $195
Girls Lacrosse August 28, 2015 $75
Boys Lacrosse (Scooper) September 11, 2015 $75
Boys Lacrosse (U9 and Above) September 11, 2015 $100
Soccer (Instructional) August 22, 2015 $85
Soccer (Developmental) August 22, 2015 $110
Soccer (U9 and Above) August 12, 2015 $115
Travel Soccer August 23, 2015 $100
Softball (House) September 6, 2015 $85 (8U)
$100 (10U/13U)
Softball (Travel): Septemeber 1, 2015 $70



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