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Wrestling is mankind’s oldest and most basic form of recreational combat, and it is alive and well around the World.  The recorded history of wrestling dates back to the Olympics of 708 BC.  Wrestling has always held a major position in the history of great civilizations.  From its origins as a means of survival, it has evolved into a major sport synonymous with values such as commitment, perseverance, dedication, determination, desire, courage, tenacity, confidence, sacrifice, and self-discipline.  All of these values can be found at different times in our lives throughout our society, but wrestling contains them all.  During the past decade, a number of measures have been enacted to increase interest, participation and safety in wrestling.  So, while other, much younger, sports seem to be setting new records with fan popularity, wrestling ambles toward its 3000th recorded birthday!


Wrestling is a fantastic and unique sport.  In some ways it is similar to other sports, but there are clear and notable differences.  Much like other sports it requires discipline, dedication and desire to achieve success.  However, the difference in wrestling is evident in practices, and mostly in the individual thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.

Although youth wrestling is a team sport, youth wrestlers are challenged individually by competing against a single opponent who is relatively in the same age group, weight and skill level. You don’t have to worry if your child will compete against someone who is considerably bigger, older or more skilled.

In other sports, you depend on other teammates on the field or court to support your efforts.  In other sports and on occasion, some athletes can sometimes take “plays off” or not go 100% and still come away with a victory.  In wrestling, this is impossible.  If you give less than 100% for one second, you may lose. One hundred percent full effort and focus is required to be successful.



All Programs

OBGC provides each wrestler with a wrestling singlet to be returned at the end of the season.  A $40 deposit check is required at the time of equipment distribution.  Parents must provide your wrestler with wrestling shoes and headgear.  No street shoes are allowed in the wrestling room.  Wrestling shoes and headgear may be purchased at local sporting goods stores or mail order catalogue.

Wresting Volunteers

OBGC depends on volunteer parents to make our programs a success.  Please sign up to help your child's team and the sport.  The following positions need to register on the Volunteer Registration under Wrestling/Coach/Assistant Coach/Team Manager.  All others should register as a General Volunteer/Wrestling Volunteer.  The Wrestling Commissioner, Melissa Rocha, will be in touch about the following positions needed for the season.

 Concessions – (For travel/select parents) – The team hosts matches throughout the season.  These parents help with the concession stand at the matches.  Please do not register for Fall Concessions.  Choose Wrestling Volunteer.


Gear coordinator- each year the parents have an opportunity to order Outlaws gear.  We need a point of contact for each team that will help the Commissioner coordinate the order.


Team Manager – each team needs a point of contact that helps disseminate information about matches, practice times and other administrative items from the coaches to the parents.


Assistant Coaches – each team needs assistant coaches that can help the head coach run practices and coach during the matches.


Singlet Coordinator – one person per team that helps the Commissioner hand out singlets and collect deposit checks at the beginning of the season.  This person will also help collect the singlets from the team and return deposit checks at the end of the season.


Scorekeepers – during each match several parents are needed to keep time or score at the matches.


Match Hosting Coordinator – (travel/select) – helps coordinate the hosting event by working with the coaches, the venue, the concession coordinator and parents.


Shrimpfeast Committee – all teams need one committee contact person to help the Commissioner with the shrimpfeast.  The shrimpfeast is the end of the year event for the parents.  This is catered and hosted at a local establishment.  These individuals would hand out flyers and collect payment by their respective team parents as well as help decorate and plan the event.  


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