If you have volunteered to work the concession stand at the OBGC Park and have recieved your volunteer log-in and password, you may schedule yourself at the following link:

Volunteer Scheduling Homepage

To schedule your volunteer time:
1) log-in to the system
2) click on the my schedule tab
3) scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Schedule Me. Available time slots are listed on each day of the calendar (in green)
4) click on the assisgnment, day and time that you prefer.
5) a confirmation page will confirm your schedule

If you must change dates or times if a conflict arises, but please do so at least 72 hours in advance to your scheduled time.

Volunteer hours must be served by adults.  If you want to bring your middle or high school aged child to volunteer for SSL hours, you must contact us first.   Younger children are not allowed in the OBGC concession stands.  

If you have signed up to work in the concession stand and DO NOT SHOW UP for your scheduled shift, we will charge you the normal $60 volunteer "opt-out" fee, plus an additional $50 "no show" penalty fee to cover the costs of covering your shift.

If the OBGC park is closed due to weather, you are required to reschedule your time to fulfill your time or dime commitment.   


If you are interested in volunteering at one of the OBGC concession stands please send an e-mail to: OBGCADM@OBGC.COM

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