OBGC  has incorporated a Time or Dime Volunteer Program to help ensure that our programs and activities are adequately staffed for our children. 

Some items to note:

  • When you register online for your child’s sport, you will be required to either volunteer for an activity or pay $60 per family per year.
  • If you choose to volunteer, you will be given a selection of numerous opportunities throughout the entire year.  If you want to volunteer as a coach, choose the current sport.  If you do not want to coach, choose General Volunteer and then select from the list of non-coaching positions.
  • For more information, please return to the home page and click on the"Time or Dime article listed under "Hot Topics" or contact Administration@OBGC.com


Beginning with the 2012 registration season, if you choose to volunteer for the club and DO NOT SHOW UP for your scheduled shift, we will charge you the normal $60 volunteer “opt-out” fee, plus an additional $50 “no show” penalty fee to cover the costs of covering your shift.
When you show up for your volunteer duty, YOU MUST SIGN IN WITH THE COORDINATOR OF THE ACTIVITY in order to be credited with your shift.
Volunteer hours must be served by adults.  If you want to bring your middle or high school aged child to volunteer for SSL hours, you must contact us first.   Younger children are not allowed in the OBGC concession stands.
If the OBGC park is closed due to weather, you are required to reschedule your time to fulfill your time or dime commitment.   


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